What is self-paced learning?

Self-paced learning is the act of learning on one’s own time, typically at a pace different from a classroom teacher or a tutor. That’s what we believe in at Paced, learning shouldn’t feel like you are being left behind for not understanding material, you should be advancing at the pace that suits you best.

We created the Paced Platform after we had seen many children in schools and other learning environments that were trying to follow what the teacher was focusing on, but were just unable because they wanted to work on something else. We also believe that testing children once every semester or every end of the school year is outdated, and that it can be done another way.

Paced encourages the child to submit work that they have done before, because what we found in talking between these learners and their classroom teachers, is that they had often shown these skills or been preparing for these skills before, and when it gets around to testing, they have forgotten them. We encourage students to submit work that they have already done because we believe you don’t need to test a student on something that they can prove they already know.

Paced also encourages schools to think of a more “Back to basics” approach to this method of education, as seen by our staff in many schools, students may understand very advanced topics, and may be absolute superstars in the classroom, but they sometimes fail to show some basic skills, skills that they have already been taught. We give students the chance to go back to the beginning and make sure that they have the fundamental skills down; such as correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. To make sure that they are honing those basic literacy and numeracy skills.

If you would like to see how self-paced learning could work in your school, head over to our website https://paced.education

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