Creating a perfectly seamless login experience

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan

Engineering and Leadership Team

When using a website, we want to have the most seamless experience possible, we are endeavoring to do this with our new Family product. But we didn’t want to do this at the expense of security for our users.

When we use the modern web, we expect everything to be as seamless as possible, but we want to be secure while we do it, this is why many security blogs will recommend that you use a password manager, and use long complex passwords. But this is all well and good if you use a computer or other device with a keyboard. Modern web users are increasingly using mobile devices where entering a long password can be challenging.

That is why we wanted to build security into our site that works with you, but it also simple to use and easy to first-time install.

We did this with the help of a social login provider, but how does a social login provider work?

This service is what allows you to sign in with your favorite social media apps instead of having to remember another username and password combination.

This also allows you to take your login information and a substantial amount of your profile information from one service to another very simply. We have already built this into the product.

We have also enabled a variety of 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) Methods to allow you to keep your account secure if you do choose to have a traditional account with us.

This process as simple as possible, by allowing users to choose which method they want to authenticate themselves with to reduce as much friction as possible. Allowing you to get back to what is most important, learning and growing.

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