A number to celebrate

We have recently passed an incredible milestone, students using our platform have submitted more than 1000 pieces of evidence to their teachers for review, this means 1000 individual times that a student strived to see where they progress compared to their peers, in a holistic way and a supportive way.

We have had three schools join to use the platform last year and this year, and they are already showing progress towards empowering their own education.

On average we had more than one quarter of the students that were enrolled in the platform were using the platform regularly.

On average we have seen that students have submitted at least one to two pieces of self identified learning material that shows their progression against the NSW NESA Curriculum. With teachers able to review and provide comments towards these pieces of evidence typically within one week.

We are planning on soon introducing a feature that allows automatic marking and approval and placement of learning items against the learning progressions ready to officially launch Family Edition of Launch Education! This will allow parents and carers to see the progression of learning of their children in almost real time, with small micro lessons to allow the student to show their multi-discipline learning across every area of the curriculum.


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